Curved Kitchens

The beauty of curves

Curves offer a great way of making a contemporary, streamlined and elegant statement within your kitchen. Gentle shapes and curves reduce the harshness of sharp angled interiors, creating a desirable warmth and softness, as well as a sense of continuity. With smooth flowing natural forms tailored to suit each unique space, curved kitchens are both effortlessly relaxing and inspiring. More than this, curves are also very practical; in a well-planned curved kitchen design the layout will sweep all of your everyday kitchen essentials into easy reach. After all, most kitchens are as much for working in as for admiring!

Our curved kitchen range

Net Kitchens Direct offer a wide range of curved kitchen units, available in a variety of materials and in an extensive selection of colours. The larger curved units we offer can take up a lot of space (which is great if you have it!) but if your space is more limited, we also have some beautiful curved features than can be utilised effectively to still create the curved kitchen look.

Curved kitchen layout options:-

• A curved kitchen island

The focal point of a kitchen, island curves can be as large as space will permit. These make for a stunning kitchen look, integrated within a highly practical kitchen workflow.

• A curved peninsula

Forming a fluid and accessible kitchen work flow, curved peninsulas share the same favourable qualities as a curved kitchen island. However, being fixed at one end means they take up less floor space and so are better placed in smaller kitchen spaces.

• A contour curve

Extending the graceful arc of a peninsula into a tighter curve, a contour kitchen curve moulds a neat kitchen layout in which everything has its place and is easily accessible.

• Fitted curves

You can fully embrace curves through a fitted kitchen curve, which flows throughout the entirety of a kitchen space. This type of kitchen curve is ideal for utilising space, including corner space within a fluid and seamless arc.

Enhancing Curves

Net Kitchens Direct offer concave and convex curved kitchen options for both wall and base units. These can, if space permits, be used in combination to produce a stunning, flowing appearance, and the curved handleless kitchen format only enhances this further.

Our experience of designing curved kitchens has bestowed us with a specialist knowledge and capability; something which only comes through practice and familiarity. Our expert designers know exactly how to compliment curved designs with seating areas on peninsulas, manage compound curves on thick Corian® worktops, and integrate two-tone colour schemes that intensify the existing aesthetic. We have even produced designs that include curves on both the horizontal and vertical planes of a kitchen space, demonstrating true originality and willingness to attempt any challenge!

Shaker curved kitchens

Shaker kitchens, defined by their door’s distinctive central panel have long been associated with beautiful quality craftsmanship …But why not add a twist to this classic style with the introduction of curved Shaker kitchen doors? The soft flowing contours of a curved kitchen profile brings an unrivalled charm that adds to the Shaker’s existing appeal, whilst establishing a warm and welcoming kitchen setting.


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